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Join us on May 27th, 2023 for Africa Bitcoin Day, a continent-wide celebration of the Bitcoin adoption in Africa. Hosted by Africa Bitcoin Community, this event will allow Bitcoiners orange- pill their communities and embark on a massive community outreach program.

Africa BitcoinDay will take place simultaneously in dozens of African countries on the same day with activity spanning from meetups, to discussion panels, film screenings, sports, canvassing, neighborhood tour, beach parties among others…


Africa Bitcoin Day aims to reinforce the commitment of Bitcoiners to advance Bitcoin adoption in Africa by raising awareness about its potential to boost economic growth. This event will also educate citizens on how to properly and safely adopt Bitcoin, debunk myths surrounding it, help them understand the difference between Bitcoin and centralized coins (shitcoins), teach people how to exchange peer-to-peer and secure their bitcoins independently, and finally promote small businesses that accept bitcoin payments.


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Activities for Africa Bitcoin Day will be varied and can range from meet-ups, media engagements, beach events, exhibitions, sports activities, artistic projects, street canvassing, and online activities. 

We will provide a range of support to the organizers to ensure their activities create an impact in their local communities and help to spread the message on Bitcoin adoption and education across the continent.

This commemoration also allows us to throw the spotlight on various individuals and organizations that are key players in the Bitcoin ecosystem in Africa.


Through Africa Bitcoin Day, we hope to strengthen collaboration, foster networking, and celebrate the progress we have made so far in advancing Bitcoin adoption and education in Africa.


The Africa Bitcoin Day will be organized in a decentralized manner by African Bitcoiners from various countries. The event is expected to attract participation from Bitcoiners across the continent and to reach small business owners in the informal sector,  entrepreneurs, civil society, policymakers, startups, students, and anyone interested in the adoption and use of Bitcoin in Africa.


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